The Democrats 50 year plan.

After emancipation and the Civil War, for about the next 75 years the Republicans were the party of Lincoln and black voters were loyal Republicans. In the 1960s and starting with the election of 1966 African Americans have been very loyal to the Democratic Party.

After 50 years of voting for Democrats urban areas have:
Very high poverty rates.
Mass incarceration and unjust laws.
The worst schools in town.

Breakup the Prison Industrial Complex.
-Abolish private prisons.
-Stop the War on Drugs.
-End all mandatory minimum sentences.
-Legalize marijuana.
-Stop the corrupt money making schemes like price gouging in the prison commissary, paying slave wages and ripping off inmates on telephone calls.

Major tax cuts for small and medium size businesses to create jobs.
-At the state and local level a plan for all businesses similar to the one given to Tesla and Faraday.
-No tax on tips.
-No tax on your second job.
-No tax on gambling winnings.

Eliminate Foreign Aid (37 billion a year), and use a portion of money to hire inner city youths do work that ACTUALLY NEEDS TO BE DONE.

Drastically reduce the size of government.
-Cut back the obscene salaries of high level government kingpins who get rich off the taxpayers. (Check out their salaries at

Make college education much more affordable.
-The reason college is so expensive is because of the outrageous salaries being paid to administrators and professors. Drastically reduce both the size of the bureaucracy and the salaries of the people who work there.
-Eliminate useless core credits.