“The most common Libertarian position on immigration is open borders; however, this is a very complex issue when we factor in the variables of our times such as central banking, fiat currency and wealth distribution programs. Open borders will work if neighboring countries operate under free market conditions also. All countries would benefit from the freedom of economical mobility. All countries would economically benefit from free trade and mutual cooperation without government interventions.” – Nevada Libertarian Party


An accelerated path to gain legal status for people already in the US.

I support the Dream Act.

I propose locking down the border and controlling immigration.


The reason why we must control immigration:

IT’S THE GROUNDWATER.   “Aquifers provide us freshwater that makes up for surface water lost from drought-depleted lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. We are drawing down these hidden, mostly nonrenewable groundwater supplies at unsustainable rates in the western United States and in several dry regions globally, threatening our future.”    National Geographic

The Achilles heel of the western United States is the water.

In 2000, the U.S. Census Bureau provided population projections out to 2100. The third column which predicted a population of 310,910 was the closest to the actual census count of 308,745,538. If we continue at that rate of population growth we would have a billion people living in the US before the end of the century. No amount of conservation and desalination will be able to provide enough water for that big of population increase in the western United States.

2000 274,853 275,306 275,816 273,818
2010 291,413 299,862 310,910 287,710
2020 303,664 324,927 354,642 301,636
2030 311,656 351,070 409,604 313,219
2040 314,673 377,350 475,949 321,167
2050 313,546 403,687 552,757 327,641
2060 310,533 432,011 642,752 334,724
2070 306,589 463,639 749,257 343,815
2080 300,747 497,830 873,794 354,471
2090 292,584 533,605 1,017,344 365,689
2100 282,706 570,954 1,182,390 377,444