I would prefer a flat tax but the budget situation is so serious priority must be given to creating a budget surplus.

There would be no corporate tax on first $100,000 dollars in net profits.

Corporate tax would be cut to 22%. Eliminate loopholes.
Overall corporate tax rates would be cut, but it would raise more revenue to increase the surplus and pay off our debt.

The self-employment tax would be cut to 5%.

Eliminate the Federal Gas Tax which is 18.4 cents per gallon. Nevada should not have to ask Congress to give back our money to fix our roads.

No tax on tips.

No tax on a second job. If a person works two jobs they will pay no taxes on the job that pays them less money.

Must have a big reduction in fees for everybody at the local level in Southern Nevada.

-Stop the license splitting for business owners. Consolidate licenses.
-Eliminate regulations and licenses that exist only to make money for the government.
-No charge for a sales tax permit.
-Eliminate inspection fees. Inspectors are “public servants” who are paid by the taxpayers.
-Eliminate virtually all occupational licenses and the few remaining will be issued for free.
-Cut the self-employment tax by 50%.