steveSteve Brown was born in Cook, Minnesota, and the second generation of his family born in America. All his grandparents emigrated from Finland. After graduating from high school, he served in the US Army from 1974- 1977. He was stationed in West Germany in a nuclear missile unit.

Steve also served in the Nevada National Guard from 1987-88, and as a Seabee in the US Navy Reserve from 1988-91.
He received an honorable discharge from all 3 branches.

Is a member of the American Legion.

He moved to Las Vegas in 1982. He worked as a 21 and craps dealer, before starting his own business in 1986. During the day, Steve is a licensed contractor; at night Steve works a second job as a Table Games Dealer at the Four Queens, in downtown Las Vegas. As a masonry contractor, Steve does not believe in signing contracts. His faith in the honesty of other people has been rewarded; only 3 times in over 25 years has anyone burned him for his money. He truly believes that a person’s word is better than a written contract. 
Steve is running for the U.S. Congress because he truly believes America is being destroyed from within by career politicians. Despite the fact that America is over 17 trillion dollars in debt, and is adding over a trillion dollars more in debt each year, none of the incumbent politicians or presidential candidates has anything resembling an actual plan to stop the borrowing.

Issues like the War on Drugs, taxing tips, or outrageous taxes and fees for anyone who wants to open a business, are never discussed.

Nothing will change unless we change the people who run/own our government.